About us

As a service provider for the health-care sector, we develop and manufacture patient-specific anatomical models - from virtual solutions via real models to training systems based on real pathologies. Our network of more than 100 medical professionals from different disciplines, universities and medical engineering companies enables a fast and individual solution of your requirements. Our reference projects are compiled in our case study database.

Preoperative planning

We offer various services to physicians which are adapted to the individualized treatment of patients. The analysis and segmentation of patient data provide the basis for a lifelike 3D model for preoperative planning and preparation.

Training and education

We offer anatomical models with complex pathologies to universities and medical institutions for demonstration purposes and for  learning and practicing of various surgical skills.

Development and presentation

Our models form the basis for the development of patient-specific instruments and implants as well as the testing and training of new medical devices.

The founders

MMM Viola Pfuetzner

Dipl. Ing. Viola Pfützner


Dr Marcel Pfuetzner MMM

Dr. Marcel Pfützner



Network Partners PolyMed network "polymer technology for Applied Medical Technology"