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Patient specific anatomic models


On the one hand, preoperative training increases accuracy and thereby the patients’ safety. On the other hand, it reduces the duration of surgeries and their costs as well. 



Our AnatomX models are particularly designed to improve the outcome of complex surgical procedures. Therefore, every model is based on CT, MRI or any other data from radiological imaging techniques. The representation of various bony and soft structures in a model makes it possible to plan an operation in more detail and to test individual aspects in advance with the existing instruments in the operating room.


  • presentation of complex pathologies in advance of surgical procedures
  • precise preoperative planning
  • intraoperative support for the procedure
  • support of the correct selection and customization of implants
  • 3D models as a planning basis for the surgical team
  • improving of the physician-patient consultation
  • documentation of clinical pictures



  • improved patient safety
  • reduced operation time
  • smaller incisions possible
  • increased surgical outcome
  • lowering of surgery costs
  • shortened in-patient stay

                                 Patient specific anatomic models in the categories:


Our workflow:

Data transfer

  • data base: CT or MRI scans (DICOM data)
  • handover of the data sets within the personal conversation
  • or data upload to our secure server
  • Segmentation &

  • data analysis and segmentation by using the most advanced software
  • consultations for customized requirements
  • Visualization &
    3D printing

  • creating a virtual 3D model
  • printing of the 3D model
  • quality control
  • Dispatch

  • delivery within 72 hours
  • express delivery within 24 hours, with additional charge