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CARDIO - models for cardiology, heart surgery & vascular surgery


Our AnatomX-Cardio models are especially designed to meet the high requirements of cardiology, heart surgery and vascular surgery. Using a soft plastic material to mimic the realistic properties of heart and vascular structures ensures a precisely preoperative simulation of the planned procedure.


Our 3D heart models include:

  • right/left ventricle
  • right/left atrium incl right/left atrial appendage
  • septum
  • papillary muscle and sinews
  • heart valve with flexible valve leaflet
  • myocardium
  • conorary arteries
  • coronary sinus
  • superior and inferior vena cava
  • aorta with ascending aorta, aortic arch and descending aorta
  • pulmonary trunk
  • pulmonary veins

Visualization of diseases and implants:

  • calcification
  • stents
  • prostheses
  • pacemaker


Case studies in our database

Case studies in our database


A heart from the 3D printer

The German TV station "Deutsche Welle" reports on medical 3D printing, our company and the Immanuel Hospital Bernau. BRANDENBURG HEART CENTER.