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Individual training models


Whether used as 3D data models, as training models or as training simulator, all HumanX models display the exact human anatomy and have a lifelike texture.  Each of them will be supplied together with the corresponding anonymized case data.

HumanX models are realistic medical training and simulation models based on pathological cases. They are 3D designed out of CT or MRI data or other imaging techniques. We offer complex cases, which are of great medical interest for hospitals, medical companies and universities. 


Training models are available in the execution stages


Our workflow:

Data transfer

  • data base: CT or MRI scans (DICOM data)
  • handover of the data sets within the personal conversation or data upload to our secure server
  • alternative: select a data set of our existing case studies
  • Segmentation & consultation

  • data analysis and segmentation by using the most advanced software
  • consultations for customized requirements
  • Visualization

  • creating a virtual 3D model
  • 3D printing

  • printing of the 3D model
  • quality control
  • Development & manufacturing

  • production of all components and assembling of a customized training system
  • quality control and test runs
  • Dispatch

  • printed model: delivery time within 2 weeks
  • training system: delivery time within 4 - 8 weeks