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Preoperative Planning

Our anatomical models for preoperative planning are particularly designed to improve the outcome of complex surgical procedures. Every model is based on CT, MRI or any other data from radiological imaging techniques. We provide virtual and real models, individually manufactured by using innovative 3D printing technology. The representation of various bone and soft tissue structures enables the surgical planning in detail and the testing of individual aspects in advance with the existing instruments in the operating room.

We provide models for preoperative planning in various medical fields:

  • ORTHO – anatomical models for orthopedics & trauma surgery
  • CARDIO – anatomical models for cardiology & heart surgery
  • VASCULAR – anatomical models for vascular surgery
  • NEURO – anatomical models for neurosurgery
  • ENDO – anatomical models for general surgery

Your advantages

  • improved patient safety
  • reduced operation time
  • smaller incisions possible
  • lowering of surgery costs
  • shortened in-patient stay

Your benefits

  • presentation of complex pathologies in advance of surgical procedures
  • support of preoperative planning
  • intraoperative support for the procedure
  • support of the correct selection and customization of implants
  • 3D models as a planning basis for the surgical team
  • illustration of the physician-patient consultation
  • documentation of clinical pictures

ORTHO- Models for orthopedics & trauma surgery

Our ORTHO models focus on the presentation of various bony structures. Patient-specific models are of great value in complex situations. The applications range from complex fractures, hip & joint replacement, tumor surgery to sports medicine. All of our ORTHO models have a realistic structure of the bone with hard outer cortical and spongy inner cancellous bone. You can work on all models with the instruments used in an operating theatre. Additionally, they are highly suitable for the selection of implants as well as for the individualization of plate systems and screws. We offer models for all patient-specific bone structures - from cochlea to femur, including the representation of fractures with bone fragments and existing implants such as endoprostheses and osteosynthesis plate systems.



CARDIO & VASCULAR- Models for cardiology, cardiac surgery and vascular surgery

Our models of the CARDIO series are especially designed to meet the high requirements of cardiology, heart surgery and vascular surgery. Using a soft plastic material to mimic the realistic properties of heart and vascular structures ensures a precisely preoperative simulation of the planned procedure. Our patient-specific replica of the heart includes all anatomical structures as well as calcifications and implants such as stents, valve prostheses and pacemakers. For the special requirements in vascular surgery, we have developed our VASCULAR models for preoperative use.



NEURO - models for neurosurgery

Our ENDO models apply to thoracic and abdominal surgery. Replicas of internal organs include lungs and thorax for the thoracic area as well as liver, spleen, pancreas, stomach and intestine for the abdominal area. Preoperative planning models of malformations and tumors provide a comprehensive insight into specific pathologies. Preoperative models for NEURO and ENDO are manufactured in combination of flexible and rigid materials.

The applications of our NEURO models range from the representation of skull and brain to cochlea and spine with tumors and malformation such as skull defects and fractures. Preoperative models for NEURO and ENDO are manufactured in combination of flexible and rigid materials.