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"One of the world`s most realistic organ replicas"

Simulation organs for lifelike surgery training

Laparoscopic surgery techniques are considered to be very complex due to the limited access and restricted mobility of the instruments. Learning and training of the interaction between optics, hand- and auxiliary instruments is challenging and time-intensive. For this reason, simulator- and model-based training plays a significant role in medical education. The commonly used synthetic organs are made of plastics, silicon or latex. They are unsuitable for surgical interventions when using electrosurgical instruments. Organic structures from animals do not accurately reflect the human anatomy, set high requirements for the infrastructure, and the use is ethical questionable.

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Development & Presentation

Education & Training

With SimOrgan we provide you with a new possibility for surgical training. The lifelike look and feels of our SimOrgan models mimic the mechanical and physicochemical properties of human tissue in a very detailed way. The basic material allows a realistic processing even with electrosurgical instruments. Besides that, SimOrgan has a strong psychological effect which is very important for the training. : An intervention in seemingly real human tissue increases the stress situation and thus offers a more effective training.

SimOrgans are easy to use and don't have any special requirements to the infrastructure. This makes the models most suitable for demonstrating and presenting new instruments and products at congresses andtrade fairs. SimOrgan also serve as developement environment and are therefore suitable for testing new products and procedures.

HumanX SimOrgan Eigenschaften

mimic the original

  • realistic anatomy
  • real pathology on request
  • authentic optic and haptic
  • Charakteristics comparable to those of animal tissue ( firmness and elongation)
  • displayable in ultrasound & x-ray
  • SimOrgan HumanX - Bearbeitung

    Realistic processing

  • for electrosurgical processing (cutting, coagulation)
  • Sewing, clipping, cutting
  • Separation with a loop
  • SimOrgan HumanX Simulation

    Authentic simulation

  • suitable for open and minimally invasive surgery
  • can be integrated into commercial laparoscopy and Box trainer
  • for the following procedures: appendectomy, cholecystectomy

  • SimOrgan appendix module

    Modul_1 appendectomy

    • SimOrgan appendix
    • silicone model anatomical surrounding
    • fixture
    Sim Organ cholecystectomy module

    Modul_2 cholecystectomy

    • SimOrgan liver and gall bladder
    • fixture

    Your advantages:

  • realistic processing for surgery and HF surgery
  • lifelike optics and haptics
  • no animal or human tissue
  • replaces training on animal models
  • can be used anywhere - no wet lab required
  • Application:

  • exercise of typical procedures in the clinic field
  • basic medical education and training
  • simulation and test-environment for new developments
  • product presentation