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HumanX Training System

Our HumanX training systems are realistic, modular training and simulation models, based on real pathological cases. Specifically segmented radiological data from CT, MRI or any other imaging techniques provide the basis for all our training systems. All data are integrated as real models into a patient replica and we deliver each one with the associated anonymized case data. As a result of cooperation with various medical centers, we have the opportunity to acquire the appropriate medical case for almost any request.

Our existing database provides a collection of complex pathologies of various medical areas. All our training models can be adapted to your individual requirements and are designed for multiple use. By using the customized replacement kit (included in delivery) the training system can be reassembled into the initial state. According to your needs, we develop your individual training system or adapt it to your requirements.




Our modular cardiothoracic surgery training system is suited for minimally invasive procedures and open surgeries in the thoracic area. The training system enables the development, testing and training of medical devices as well as the learning and training of basic skills and different procedures. It is suitable for radiological examinations....

Our EasyLap Training System meets the high requirements of the education and training of laparoscopic surgical procedures. In addition to the bone structures, optional organ replicas or complex structures with different pathologies can be integrated into the training system.

Our pelvic surgery training system is qualified for procedures on the hip and pelvis in orthopedics and trauma surgery. The training system is based on real pathologies and we provide each one with the associated radiological data. The modular design enables the training of all aspects of a fracture treatment, from diagnosis via surgical planning to surgical treatment.

Our HumanX FLOWBOX is a modular fluid simulation system and is intended to vascular and endovascular surgery, cardiology and heart surgery. As an one-box solution, it serves both learning and training of basic skills as well as practicing the correct treatment in complex situations. The FLOWBOX is supplemented by an increasing selection of training scenarios in...

The models, which are realistically reproduced in shape, size and anatomy, are eminently suitable for the learning and training of minimally invasive procedures in the thoracic and abdominal area. Furthermore, the HumanX NEO training system enables the testing and presentation of new medical instruments...