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Cardio thoracic training system

Our modular cardiothoracic surgery training system is suited for minimally invasive procedures and open surgeries in the thoracic area. The training system enables development, testing and training of medical devices as well as the learning and training of basic skills and different procedures. It is suitable for radiological examinations and intraoperative imaging and it is constructed for multiple use. By using the customized replacement kit (included in delivery) the training system can be reassembled into the initial state.


  • customized skin replica with realistic characteristics, stitchable
  • modular design of subcutaneous and muscular tissue
  • replicas of all relevant bone structures (available as patientspecific structure, e.g. funnel chest)
  • representation of internal organs by request (available as patient-specific structure, e.g. tumor imaging)
  • representation of blood vessels by request (available as fluid-filled structure)

delivery time: within 4 - 8 weeks, price on request

Data Sheet for Download

Data Sheet for Download