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TAVI training system


Our TAVI training system is qualified for learning and training of transcatheter aortic valve implantations in a realistic paptient replica.

The modular design of the training system enables the using of various pathologies and the training of different catheter-assisted procedures like:

  • aortic, mitral, tricuspid and pulmonary valve replacement
  • inserting of stents
  • closure of the right and left atrial appendage
  • shunt occlusion
  • pacemaker and AICD implantations

This training system has been developed in close collaboration with leading cardiologists and is based on real medical patient data. It contains all relevant cardiac and vascular structures as well as the requested CT data for the planned procedure.

The TAVI training system is suitable for angiographic, sonographic and radiological examinations and open surgeries. An optional camera allows direct observation of the operative suite during the procedure.


  • case-specific heart modell
  • fluid-filled vascular system with femoral and radial access (depending on the procedure)
  • further internal organs by request (e.g. lungs, trachea, esophagus)
  • replicas of all relevant bone structures
  • realistic skin replica with customized design or neoprene cover, sewable

The Thorax training system is constructed for multiple use. By using the customized replacement kit (included in delivery) the training system can be reassembled into the initial state.

delivery time: within 6 - 10 weeks, price on request

radiological image data of our TAVI training system

radiological image data out of the heart catheter laboratory