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Humanx Virtual Reality

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See more than others- Virtual Reality

We develop our HumanX VR models for medicine in a digitized world - Medicine 4.0. The models can be used online on any device and can be embedded in any 3D environment. Therefore, they are qualified excellently for surgical planning, product development and medical education. The virtual model includes the DICOM data as well as the generated 3D model in different exchange formats*.

Exceed the limits of conventional, anatomical models and immerse yourself in the virtual replica of your patient. Borders between model and reality may disappear by using an innovative display system and VR/AR glasses.


  • reoperative planning
  • research and development in medicine and medical engineering
  • testing and training of new products and procedures

Liver with kidney

Model of liver and kidney with part of the associated vascular system                                                                                             



Female patient with a hip TEP. Model based on the reconstruction of a CT-scan.  More Details...

heart with pacemaker

Model of a human heart with pacemaker, based on the reconstruction of a high resolution CT-Scan. Feel free to dive inside the heart and follow the wires of the pacemaker.

Heart with aortic valve stenosis (TAVI)

cervical spine

model of the cervical spine with instability of the cranio-cervical junction. More Details...

Open book fracture

Female patient with pelvic and acetabulum fracture. Model based on the reconstruction of a CT-Scan. More Details

thoracic aortic aneurysm

Model of a human aorta with TAA: a thoracic aortic aneurysm, based on the reconstruction of a high resolution CT-Scan. Beside the TAA, the aorta descends on the right side of the patient (in normal cases it descends on the left side of the spine). More Details...